Pre-series Vehicle in Development

We are proud to announce that the pre-series vehicle is officially in development — and it has been for quite some time.

Before we announced this big news, we wanted to ensure we had something more substantial to share, such as these design progress visuals and key features further down.

Italian masters Torino Design, who have worked with major automotive brands such as BMW, Fiat, Suzuki, and more, have been hard at work penning an updated exterior as well as an all-new interior for the next generation build.

Our pre-series vehicle builds on what we learned from our first prototype and expands on our mission to provide simple, affordable, and reliable transportation that oozes the kind of style and sophistication usually reserved for the 1%. Pre-series vehicle key features:

  • All-wheel hub-motor drive - stability and control in any condition, on any surface.

  • Flat, floor mounted battery, freeing up interior space, and allowing for a “Frunk” storage area in the front of the vehicle.  

  • User interface integrated with the driver’s existing phone - simple control and ease of car sharing.

  • UV Sterilization of the interior - automated system prepares/disinfects the vehicle when it is not occupied. 

  • Improved ergonomics for passenger entry and exit, better road visibility

Stay tuned for even more updates on our progress!

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