Electric vehicle range and the accompanying range anxiety become the focal point of nearly every discussion when a new player enters the EV market.

SONDORS intends to release our vehicle with a 300+ mile average range.

We aren’t reinventing the wheel to get there. Proven, effective cell technology will be used in a floor mounted configuration with easy serviceability.

EV batteries are an exciting field full of new advancements and technical leaps that bring higher energy density and better cell life. 100 miles of range was once a halo achievement — then 200.

Now some of the more expensive offerings in the market boast 400+ miles on a charge. All these advancements in bleeding edge technology lead to much more affordability down stream.

Reliable 300,000+ mile battery tech costs a fraction of what it did only a few years ago.

By building a lightweight auto-cycle and packing it with exactly the right drivetrain and battery, SONDORS will usher in a new era of affordable, exciting EVs.

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