SONDORS Winter Conditions

Winter conditions present particular challenges for electric vehicles.  In addition to the usual challenges from snow and ice on the roads, there are reductions in battery capacity at low temperatures, which means reduced range.

The SONDORS EV will have the kind of on-board systems consumers have come to expect in transportation. Whether we configure the vehicle for front, rear, or even all-wheel drive, electronic traction and stability control will keep things moving in the right direction.

EV batteries are improving all the time. For the SONDORS project, we’re focused on striking a balance between state of the art technology, and real world affordability.

Resistance to temperatures, both cold and hot, are at the forefront of vehicle battery design. Some of the problems are basic physics, such as reduced performance in cold batteries, but every challenge presents opportunity for novel solutions. 

We will continue to evaluate new technologies and chemistries as we build the pre-series vehicle.

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